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Fractoscope HD

It's mathematics meets art. Paint with the very fabric of reality with FractoscopeHD. Voyage infinite fractal landscapes in realtime. Explore endless beauty to be discovered in a fractal frontier. See something interesting? Just grab it and zoom in to take a look. You control the colors, the detail, the depth and the location. Save your unique images and share with your friends.

Publish to the Fractoscope site. Save the picture to your Photo library. The picture coded to a simple 24 character length string, so called Fractocode. Share the universal Fractocode it on the community sites.

  • 100 preselected image at you fingertip
  • Realtime and intuitive exploration of the Mandelbrot set
  • Adjust colors and bit depth
  • Color animation
  • Color palette control
  • Load and save images and share them via Fracto-codes
  • Super optimized rendering iterations of complex quadratic polynomials

Have fun!


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