Slice HD Hits the App Store 4/22/2011

by ED

I admit, I am a bit nervous about the release of the iPhone/iPod touch version of Slice.   Slice HD is nearly perfect as an iPad app, but how will it do on the iPhone?  I played it, I beat it, so its not too hard for me and my fingers are big.   In my opinion the saving grace is that when you get cut the puzzle resets and you just start the level over rather than going back to the previous level.    'Try and try again,' works as a winning strategy.   We will have to see what people think.     

On the positive side some of the new levels are awesome.   The Slice team really is learning how to create great Slice puzzles.   Since these new puzzles are so great and this is only the 2nd set of Slice puzzles ever created, I very much look forward to future puzzle designs.    What I like most is how some blades make other blades move.  Sometimes I feel like I have to play jump rope with my fingers to solve the puzzle.    The total amount of levels in Slice SD is 33, that's 9 more than the original.    

Check it out:

Slice SD: iPhone version 

Slice in action on the iPhone. Coming April 22, 2011