Half a Million Fingers Sliced

by ED

Home Of Slice

We keep high score lists for our Slice games.  Basically the 'high score' is the best time to beat the entire game.   I am amazed at the skill of some players.   Sad to say I could never get on the top ten, or even top 100 for that matter.   We log the country of origin, best time, name, how many times fingers were sliced, and skill percentage which is number of attempts to beat the game over number of slices.   

One value we post is the total number of sliced fingers which is 493,982 fingers.   This is only the fingers that were sliced during sessions where the game was beaten and the time was recorded.    A real number of fingers sliced has to be in the tens of millions.

I am thinking of some sort of promotion or celebration on the day that we hit 1,000,000 fingers sliced.  Hmmm....