by ED

The cloud computing nay sayers score a point as Amazon's ec2 service suffers a major outage the day before yesterday.  As a result the platform that this web page is hosted on,, went down as well.  This means was down for over 48 hours.  And, it was down during the launch of Slice SD.  I know hardly a soul cares since not many people know about this site anyway, but I cared.  This whole thing makes one wonder about the whole cloud computing concept.  One nerve wracking result is that with this paradigm is when things go wrong there is nothing you can do but wait.

Lessons learned:

1.  Always keep a current database back up
2.  Try to have a back up host 
3.  Roll with the punches

By sticking with lesson number 3, I find myself still bullish about ec2 and heroku.   Maybe these modern services are safer now that lessons 1 and 2 were driven home.