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Blog Archive for January 2011

Half a Million Fingers Sliced

by ED

Home Of Slice

We keep high score lists for our Slice games.  Basically the 'high score' is the best time to beat the entire game.   I am amazed at the skill of some players.   Sad to say I could never get on the top ten, or even top...


by ED

The cloud computing nay sayers score a point as Amazon's ec2 service suffers a major outage the day before yesterday.  As a result the platform that this web page is hosted on,, went down as well.  This means

Slice HD Hits the App Store 4/22/2011

by ED

I admit, I am a bit nervous about the release of the iPhone/iPod touch version of Slice.   Slice HD is nearly perfect as an iPad app, but how will it do on the iPhone?  I played it, I beat it, so its not too hard for me and my fingers...

Twitchgames blog?

by Administrator

We're Live!

Our new website includes this blog.   Thanks to RaddOnline for setting up the entire website and making it easy to update.  Now that we have a CMS in place it will be more practical to keep our pages current.   I'm...